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Crash Bandicoot: On the Run
Platform :  
Size :   847.5 M
Date :   Feb 28, 2022
Version :   1.170.29
Devoloper :   King
Tags : Action Adventure Racing

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Editors' Review

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Do you want to feel like you're running? This is a question that many people ask me, but I don't know how to answer it. Running is the oldest sport in human history. It developed into a form of competition in ancient Greece 2,000 years ago. It is the ultimate speed of human beings as their own mobility competition, which is a simple physical ability to show. But most of us are not fast runners, even though the 100-meter speed has reached 9.89 seconds. So if we want to feel the exhilaration of running speed, we should look to mobile games or console games or PC games for inspiration and resources. I've discovered that many people love parkour games, so I'd like to give a brief introduction to the games I've just discovered. The game is Crash Bandicoot On the Run. The specific gameplay of Crash Bandicoot On the Run is similar to other parkour games in the market, namely, fast thinking at high speed and making appropriate responses to Run, spin, jump and other actions.S o what is the purpose of these actions? Quite simply, you have to go through an area in a fast way and defeat the boss, making sure you don't run into obstacles of course.

Crash Bandicoot On the Run was a game that had Crash and Coco racing around the track. It was simple, but it was hard to master. If you actually download Crash Bandicoot On the Run, you'll find it hard to get used to its accelerating nature. So, I don't recommend playing Crash Bandicoot On the Run for anyone too young. My brother is 10 years old. He likes to play games on his iPad or iPhone, but the games he plays are simple games that are easy to operate and easily understood by children. A parkour game like Crash Bandicoot On the Run was inappropriate for kids like them, but my brother didn't believe that, so he grabbed my iPhone to play it. At the beginning his performance was normal, there was nothing improper. However, as the game reached two minutes, things began to change. My brother was having more and more trouble adjusting to the change of pace of Crash Bandicoot On the Run, which was too fast. In the end, unsurprisingly, my brother did his best as a ten-year-old boy, scoring a relatively high score in a difficult parkour game, but still losing. Game enthusiasts like my brother can be hard to handle, and having kids too young to play Crash Bandicoot On the Run might be torture for them. Of course, this is just for kids, but if you're a middle school student, high school student, college student, or someone else, you can try Crash Bandicoot On the Run. It's hard, but you can challenge yourself to master it.I think you can get as much satisfaction as a 1200 score on the SAT. It's a pleasure, not a torment.

Crash Bandicoot On the Run also differs from traditional parkour games in that the characters have the ability to attack. In the past, parkour games only let players run on infinite maps and roads, but they couldn't fight back against pursuers. Crash Bandicoot On the Run allows you to gather resources On Wumpa island and build weapons, and with those weapons, you get a different feel. Why is that? Instead of running passively, you can use weapons such as the Freeze Ray gun to slow the boss down so you can buy more running time. However, Crash Bandicoot On the Run is all about running, so practice your reflexes.


Join Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco on a mission to save the multiverse!

Think fast to keep Crash and Coco running, jumping, spinning, and smashing in lanes loaded with obstacles. Speed through mysterious lands, defeating the henchmen of Doctor Neo Cortex.

Swipe to explore wild and exotic locations. Customize Crash and Coco with N.Sane Skins, build an arsenal of stupendous weapons, and hone those running skills for rewards.

Get ready for the run of a lifetime!

How To Play

* Legendary locations and infamous bosses * 


A variety of running challenges await Bandicoot fans, both new and back for more!


The Wumpa Archipelago is vast, featuring classics such as Turtle Woods, Temple Ruins and The Great Gate to delight all Crash fans. Every adventure is a thrill ride, risking dangerous Sewer or Later or a dash through the perilous Snow Go Mountain.


Dr Neo Cortex has pulled from the multiverse Crash and Coco's most dangerous enemies: Nina Cortex, Dingodile, Dr N-Gin, Fake Crash & Coco plus many more old and new bosses are stealing Power Gems. It's up to Crash and Coco to stop them!


* Team up for greater rewards * 


Get ready to join the best Bandicoot in the asynchronous multiplayer runs!


Teams are about playing with friends and pulling together, with bragging rights for being the best and seeing your name on the leaderboards. Who went farthest, or lasted longest? By challenging others, your Team could claim huge Trophies.


* Adventure in bold Bandicoot style -


There is more than meets the eye with incredible skins available to unlock.


The classic Crash Bandicoot and Coco are yours from the start, plus Punk skins to make a statement. As you explore the multiverse, you'll unlock skins that give extra Trophies, bonuses, modifiers and even an Aku Aku Mask!


* Unlock new lands to explore -


Choose where to take Crash or Coco running for prizes or just for fun.


Rewards offered, or enemies faced, influence choices of Skins and weapons to take running with you. Islands pose varied challenges with multiple routes and lanes weaving to-and-fro, above and below. The resources to collect depend on the path you take, so choose wisely.


* Perfect that aim, boost your game -


When it comes to boss battles, Crash and Coco make weapons to take ’em down!


Serums to sloosh Frosty Ant Drone out of his lane. Bombs that rattle Nitro Crab in his shell. It takes a Ray Gun AND Bazooka to humiliate Nitro Neo Cortex.


* Build and upgrade your bandicoot base -


Help Coco to develop her Wumpa Island HQ.


Coco or Crash go on-the-run to comb Wumpa Island for resources. Parts are used to build high-tech labs where weapons get made, such as Nitro Bombs and Frosty Ray Guns.



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