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6ix9ine Runner
Platform :  
Size :   249.5 M
Date :   Feb 28, 2022
Version :   1.4.3
Devoloper :   Gamejam Co.
Tags : Adventure Run Racing Music

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Editors' Review

6ix9ine Runner ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

How's your musicality? Do you like to play rhythmic games? If you happen to be interested in both, you can't miss the game I'm about to show you.

The game is called 6ix9ine Runner by Gamejam Co. Company development. This is a fascinating rhythm to run a parkour hand game. Players can start in the game world of their brand-new game adventure enjoy a different game of fun. In the game world, free to run a level, very Test player reflection ability, super-fast-paced parkour method, bring you super-exciting parkour experience, download the game to try!

6ix9ine Runner is a music parkour tour by foreign gaming company Gamejam. The game has joined the Rainbow Gorgeous game picture and many 2020 popular songs. Players need only a thumb to control the role, can destroy roadblocks to avoid the trap, straight to the end of the road. Choose their favorite songs, play their weapons, free to indulge in the checkpoints, is how the free and easy. The best feature of 6ix9ine Runner is a rainbow of colors, dazzling colors, weapons of all shapes and motions for the players to bring calm, exciting visual effects and exciting game enjoyment.

All kinds of exotic shapes, dazzling knife light, simple operations all let the players feel the game of fashion and Avantgarde. 6ix9ine Runner's style is like that of the recently famous rhythm sword, but the most significant difference is the style, which is more colorful than that of cyberpunk.

There's also a big difference in the details of the game. While the player still needs to think about dodging obstacles in the sword of rhythm, 6ix9ine Runner offers a much more relaxed attempt to destroy the barriers, for no reason, just like, and casually. If you like excellent game graphics, then 6ix9ine Runner's illustrations are dizzying, with rich colors, massive blocks of color, and fantastic lighting effects. This eye-catching collocation, the formation of the "6ix9ine Runner" unique screen style, a variety of cartoon shapes, strange weapons, large color pieces of props, all are loved by players, and bright warm color is the secret to attracting a wide range of age players. From a practical point of view, "6ix9ine Runner" compared to some of its music parkour game predecessors, from the color has a relatively broad user base, the modelling of the two-headed cartoon design, but also makes the game's graphics highlight affinity. One-handed play reduces the threshold of the game. Even if they never played the game, players could quickly start. If you enjoy experiencing music-based games, are a fan of parkour games, and are a fan of incredible fun with lots of colors, don't miss out on this 6ix9ine Runner. The game uses the cartoon style to create becomes, in the game, the player will be in a color profusion runway free parkour.

Many props in the game can be used, using good props can accelerate the sprint. This is very easy to get. You can hack away at anything on the track, tap into the music, and become the next Master of Rhythm. Novice players join, you can get a new lightsaber and surprise effects, the game time is free. When you are bored can join to experience joy. Each challenge lasts three minutes, and during that time, we'll see how many skills points you get. 

A lot of different scenes, looking very fresh, for you to bring a new experience. It will no longer be a one-person game, so many masters, to surpass them, refresh the ranks. Here's this year's pop song, controlled with a finger to avoid falling to the end of the Rainbow Road. Like listening to live music, high-quality music is an addictive and refreshing music adventure. In the game, according to the characteristics of the touch screen, added the track of the sliding notes so that you can feel when playing the finger with the music and beat.

Finger simple, practical operation, fingertip quickly cut box, pay attention to the song's rhythm, and do not have to jump off the box. Fantastic, animated scenes turn the song into a bizarre cyberpunk tour, with replicas challenging daily tasks. A watertight cutting cube, well-timed to the music, leaps over your enemies and becomes the next master of rhythm.

Please believe me, and this game will give you an excellent game experience. Choose a 3D mobile phone game interface, the first-person perspective to play the game, listen to music, all the boxes rushed to you. Music is constantly up to date, and if you give yourself a list of your favorite songs, you can challenge yourself with a custom music library.


6ix9ine Runner is a 3D parkour music casual game developed by Gamejam Co. In this game, you will try to challenge the highest score and let you use your agility to create your best game record. You can also challenge various tasks so that you can use your own skills to obtain the strongest display.

How To Play

Choose your favorite song, run all the way forward, hold and drag your broadsword, and slash obstacles and traps along with the rhythm of the music to win. 

Note: Tap is invalid, this is not a tap game!


  • By Christinamakuc
    I noticed that my favorite thing I saw in this game.the first thing I thought is that it's not my favorite rapper and other people is my favorite rapper like not pop smoke alien boy and other people

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