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Platform :  
Size :   374.4M
Date :   Jan 17, 2022
Version :   5.9.0
Devoloper :   Playrix
Tags : Simulation Casual Online construction Management Offline Gardening

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Editors' Review

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Are You Good at elimination games? Are you good at running a good garden? If you are not good at it, do you have some of their own strategy? Now, I'm going to introduce you to a game that you're going to be very interested in, which is called Gardenscapes, is a casual game developed by Playrix.

Gardenscapes is a warm and exciting leisure tour. The entire game revolves around a recreational game that combines simulated management with elimination play, in which players collect stars for resources by eliminating space. Unlock garden facilities, and decorate different areas of the garden, to restore the garden once thriving scene, the game screen exquisite, the story twists and turns rich and exciting.

The gameplay is straightforward, and there is no complex operation or understanding. Whether you are a new player or a very mature player, you can quickly master the game and start your garden in the shortest possible time. There is no limit to the game, and you need to achieve more than one goal to pass the game level. The target will be displayed before you start the race. You complete the goal and pass the checkpoint when you eliminate more than three blocks of the same type. Each level has a variety of obstacles that make the game more challenging. Usually, you have a limited number of moves per level.

So as you move through each step, use strategies to eliminate more of the movement and use them with caution. Achieve the specified goal on the clearance. The remaining number of steps will trigger random effects, get gold coins. Each pass can get a star, the accumulation of stars, the stars in exchange for garden information resources, constantly unlock garden facilities, and according to their preferences to decorate the garden, and meet the twists and turns of the unknown rich story.

During my test run, Gardenscapes' three-elimination was fun and immersive. With Gorgeous Fresh Garden, double fun is a new way to play. Because in the game, you can constantly challenge the ranking. Also included to the construction of their garden sense of accomplishment, so that you cannot stop! You can plant flowers and grass in your garden, walk the dog through feeding, and decorate the garden. It can be easily achieved here, and building a gorgeous manor doesn't sound like an accurate life model?

The garden scapes are delicate, and the music is fresh and lovely. The game has no age limit and can be played by teenagers and adults. The game is easy to play, and the best part is that it can be played anytime, anywhere, whenever you have the Internet or not.

At this point, are you interested? How would you like to instantly become lord of the manor and make it all up to you? The game has a high degree of freedom, which means that everyone is unique to play. Experience the rich story, in the match everything!

Overall, I highly recommend this game. The game's picture is very exquisite high quality, and the background music is also very lovable, which suits this game's atmosphere. In addition, this game does not have any compulsory consumption. Everybody may rest assured of the game. No matter whether there is no network, it can always open the mobile phone to decompression the game's elimination. No matter where you are, you can unlock the mobile phone tap the game into the garden of the Wonderful World!


Gardenscapes is a game developed by Playrix and published by Playrix, which is a combination of simulation and elimination game. Players collect stars through elimination to obtain resources, unlock garden facilities, decorate different areas of the garden to restore the garden to its former thriving scene. Inside the game players need to eliminate the stars to unlock more garden facilities, these are just to decorate our dream garden.

How To Play

The core gameplay of Gardenscapes is still elimination, coupled with high quality special effects to bring enough coolness, rich level content (thousands of levels), and diverse gameplay to keep it fresh, it is easy to keep the core users of elimination category and convert them into their own core users. The brilliant thing about Gardenscapes is the clever combination of multiple gameplay methods, the integration of building and raising and plot in the game, providing content for users who like plot, art style and raising, and providing game objectives (raising garden and advancing plot).


  • By Mia
    I like this game its so fun
  • By shanelle
    I really like this game
  • By freya
    i would really like to freddie it would be a amzing if u can let me and taliah play freddie now wake ur eyes up and let us play thank you by freya and taliah !!
  • By Elissiah cutler
    i know it great and super
  • By princess
    I know it´s great, and super.
  • By freddie
    my dudes this game so amazing
  • By Riley Burgess
    I know it is so cool.
  • By Violette Alvarado
    i need to try this
  • By michelle grays
    i love this game
  • By Nevaeh
    I'm never going to stop playing this game

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