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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball
Platform :  
Size :   99M
Date :   August 28, 2020
Version :
Devoloper :   2K, Inc.
Tags : NBA Basketball Sports

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Editors' Review

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce. By Lethe

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is a competitive sports game, developed and produced by 2K, which was officially launched on November 19, 2018, and supports the Android Apple dual platform.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is a highly reversible simulation basketball competitive mobile game. A large number of NBA teams are waiting for you to cut, and a large number of legendary players are waiting for you to recruit. The realistic and detailed gameplay may even give you the illusion of being in the game. The game also carries a variety of modes for you to choose from, come and your favorite team to a passionate competition. NBA game at your fingertips to control freely, skilled skills can make your game experience to the peak.

The core gameplay of this game is to create a team of your own. Then recruit your favorite players for the team. In the early stages when the budget is low, you can choose some ordinary players first, and after you win the game and get the prize money, you can slowly update your team and turn it into a powerful dream team.

The operation of the game is relatively simple, the virtual buttons on the phone screen can control the character's passing and shooting actions. In addition to the usual operations, you will need some tactical strategies that will enable you to beat stronger opponents. When you use the operation and tactics to the extreme, you will not be far from the championship, to create a legend of your own NBA.

I think the visual effect of NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is rather average. Although the game scene is highly restored to the real game, the character portrayal is not so satisfactory. However, the game experience is still very good, the players' movements and background sound effects are very good, even the spectators on the sidelines have a variety of movements, the atmosphere is a very strong sense of immersion, can deeply feel the basketball sport in the blood.


NBA2K mobile is a more realistic and bloody 3D basketball mobile game. It is definitely a must-have game for basketball lovers. The gameplay of this game is still very rich, you can experience the feeling of basketball slam dunk and dribble by yourself, and of course you can also be a basketball coach, build your own team, train your players constantly, and feel the bloody basketball career here.

How To Play

1. There are two types of turns, one is to rotate the 1/4 right stick, and the other is to back up and then push the left stick to cut in the opposite direction of the opposing defender.

2. The former has a large turning range and is more fluent and fast, but once you encounter the opponent’s player during the action, you will easily lose the ball. The latter’s turning range is small, mainly pushing and shoving each other when backing up and singles, and then passing the other party with the suddenness of the line change.

3. It is recommended to choose different turning methods according to the position of the player. For example, point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards with strong mobility can choose to rotate the right joystick, while the latter is used by power forwards and centers, and the effect will be better.

4. Turning is a very useful short-range trick, so you have to study it hard, and know the angle of each turn and which direction to choose after turning is the best choice.

5. The operation of the crotch dribble is very easy, that is, click the right stick behind the non-ball player and the player, just pay attention to the player's ball handler and then move the right stick.

6. The crotch dribble is mostly used to change direction laterally. Although the crotch dribble does not have the tendency to rush forward, the left and right shaking can make the opponent's defense dislocate.


  • By Nojo
    Have to download the games
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    Nba 2k i would love to play this game
  • By anthoy
    good game

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