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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
Platform :  
Size :   Varies with device
Date :   September 9, 2020
Version :   4.4.30
Devoloper :   Electronic Arts
Tags : NBA Basketball

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Editors' Review

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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is a competitive sports game, developed and produced by Electronic Arts, which was officially launched on July 05, 2016, and supports the Android Apple dual platform.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is a competitive basketball mobile game with a great gaming experience. You can fully experience the charm of basketball in the game, a large number of NBA superstar players gathered together to bring you the original flavor of the NBA game. Start a high quality game under your command and start your own basketball journey.

The game is still relatively new player friendly, the game is very simple at first, and there are a variety of game modes to choose from. But as the game progresses the difficulty increases.

At the beginning of the game you have to create your own NBA team. Collect current and former NBA players to create your dream team and then start your court battles. Upgrading your players will make them perform better in the game and this will also make your team's strength much stronger and make every game easier for you. In this game not only you need to have a good technique, but also good tactics, good tactics will make your team more invincible.

The NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball game gives me an impeccable feeling, the control experience is smooth, the game graphics are realistic and handsome, and the amount of current and retired stars' emotions add directly to this game. I once thought that mobile games are only suitable for playing cartoon casual games, because the small screen can not give me the same game experience as the host game. But this game let me change this idea, highly recommend NBA fans to try this game.


NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is an NBA-themed competitive sports game. In the game, players play the role of an NBA team manager, discover stars, train players, manage teams, participate in leagues around the world, and build their team into an excellent NBA team step by step! The graphics of game are real and vivid, while enjoying the exciting and realistic NBA games, you can also create your own arena, training ground, gym, etc.

How To Play

I. Defense.

When the ball is in the opponent’s hand, the button on the right will display Defense and Block.

1. When the defense button is pressed for a long time, the currently controlled player will press the ball holder, usually when the ball holder is close to the three-point line, in order to facilitate the organization of the attack.

2. When the defense button is clicked, the controlled player will try to smack the ball, but it is easy to pass the ball when it is copied, so wait for a suitable opportunity. When the opponent passes the ball, if the player in control is in the passing lane, try to use the defensive key to steal the ball.

3. When you click the block button, the defender you control will jump up to block the opponent, but even if the defender is not in front of the ball carrier, press the block button, which also jumps, so pay attention to the timing of pressing the block button.

4. When the defense button slides up to the block button, it means that the opponent is attacking, and blocking interference at this time can effectively reduce the opponent hit probability.

II. Attack.

When we have the ball, the buttons on the right become pass, sprint and shoot.

1. When the pass button is clicked, the ball is passed to the player whose name appears at the foot. If there is an opposing defender in the middle of the pass, there is a certain probability that the ball will be intercepted.

2. When you hold down the sprint button, the dribble will speed up, which is suitable for use when launching a fast break or dribbling away from a defender.



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