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Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football
Platform :  
Size :   Varies with device
Date :   November 2, 2020
Version :   7.1.4
Devoloper :   Electronic Arts
Tags : NFL Football

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Editors' Review

Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football  ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce. By Lethe

Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football is a thrilling and exciting sports game developed and produced by Electronic Arts, which will be officially launched on August 04, 2020, for both Android and Apple platforms.

Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football is a competitive football game based on the National Football League. You will create your own all-star team, so will your team be able to stand the test of the NFL? Come and prove your team's strength in the game! Unleash the maximum potential of your players, upgrade your team and create the next NFL legend.

In Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football there is a perfect trading system that allows you to build your own all-star team. You can match different types of players, quarterbacks, running backs or wide receivers, to create your own lineup and become a legend.

Build your dream team as the team's general manager and fight your way through the new National Football League season to achieve the divine goal of the Super Bowl. Defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and other top teams and superstar legends are waiting for you to challenge.

I am a football fan myself and a big fan of the NFL, so when I saw this game I downloaded it and started playing it straight away. I was pleasantly surprised by the game. In addition to the good visuals, it gave me a realistic gaming experience. Relive the history of the great National Football League with a complete American football season. Play professional football against top teams for glory! This game is really great and I highly recommend you to play it too.


Madden NFL 22 Mobile is a classic football game. In this game, players can control their players to compete. The game is 3D effect, and you can feel the realistic gameplay. There are many synthetic suits to bring you different fun experience. Of course, you can also create and customize your own NFL characters in the game. What are you waiting for?

How To Play

Game process: The attacker starts with a set of offensive opportunities, known as the “Fourth Offense”. Each group of offensive opportunities must advance 10 yards to the opposite end zone in total. If the four attacks are completed and advance 10 yards in total, they will regain the fourth-gear offensive opportunity. If they are not completed, they will exchange the ball at the dead ball. Usually, the attackers will choose to punt after 3 attacks, so that the dead ball is farther away from their own end zone. After 3 attacks, if you are close to the opponent's end zone, you can choose a free kick to score directly.

Advancement method: pass the ball from the quarter to the receiver or run by the running back with the ball.

Converting the ball:

1. The offensive team scores.

2. The fourth-gear offensive opportunity did not advance 10 yards.

3. The offensive team fumbles the ball and is grabbed by the defending team.

4. The pass of the offensive team is intercepted by the defensive team.

5. The attacker is sacked or out of bounds in the end zone of his own side, forming a safety score.

How to score:

Touchdown: If you push the ball into the opponent’s end zone, you can complete a touchdown and score 6 points. After a touchdown, you can choose to play an additional point to score 1 point, or choose to play two yards on the opponent at a time. Line attack opportunities, touchdowns successfully scored 2 points.


  • By trey
    i love balls with feet
  • By Easton
    I love football and DK
  • By colton
    i love madden
  • By Wayne Willman
    i love foot boll
  • By ED mathes
    I love this game

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