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Warface GO: combat strike zone
Platform :  
Size :   92M
Date :   2020/10/29
Version :   2.1.0
Devoloper :   MY COM
Tags : Action Shooting

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Editors' Review

Warface GO: combat strike zone ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

If you feel wronged or unfair in the real world, it's ok to play a gunfight game to get your bloodlust out. I think this is not a difficult thing to say, human beings are animals, if people are animals, you must also have seven emotions and six desires. Emotions are very difficult to get rid of, and people tend to get angry at some things, so a reasonable outlet for anger is always what we need. So that's what gunplay was originally designed for. In the world famous Warface shooter series, there are a lot of exciting dynamic matches. You can really GO and play Warface GO Combat Strike Zone, which is usually the last game I turn on my phone. In Warface GO Combat Strike Zone, with easy-to-learn controls and stunning graphics, you can also create a unique character to enter PVP battles, A variety of combat modes are available if you do have time to play Warface GO Combat Strike Zone. All of the above, if you don't have eyes up your ass, you'll find that they work perfectly smoothly on your mobile device. It's true, the graphics of the game can also be seen on the small screen of a mobile device, you can try it out, I think it's ok.

Warface GO Combat Strike Zone is a game with rich gameplay, but you shouldn't give yourself up for a variety of single-game modes. First of all, in the Warface GO Combat Strike Zone, there are seven awesome dynamic PVP combat maps, each with a completely different theme, and I know what you're talking about. Some games have very irresponsible map design because they basically look the same, except that they have different things placed on them. The 7 maps in Warface GO Combat Strike Zone are really different, you can tell clearly because you have different weapons in different combat modes, and you can change into a new combat style unconsciously in different maps, which is amazing. You can also see four game modes in Warface GO Combat Strike Zone. These are necessary because Warface GO Combat Strike Zone is not without something that other games in the same genre can have. But Warface GO Combat Strike Zone has something unique that no other game can match. You can see 20 mini-events in the Warface GO Combat Strike Zone. The conditions for completing these events change over time. If you don't complete these tasks today, you will see new tasks tomorrow, which is very difficult. In addition; the Warface GO Combat Strike Zone has over 200 customizable weapons and equipment. These weapons are exaggerated, and you can also get a series of new special weapons, with which you can fight scary bosses with greater confidence.

The Warface GO Combat Strike Zone was also praised for its intuitive control system. This type of game relies heavily on the player's control of the character, and if you accidentally press the wrong button or don't have enough control of the device, you can make a mistake. These mistakes can lead to despair for the game, your team, and yourself. However, you won't feel uncomfortable with the controller at all in Warface GO Combat Strike Zone because you can easily master the game during its detailed teaching process. In my opinion, if you are an expert shooter, you can certainly further refine your shooting skills in Warface GO Combat Strike Zone. If you're new to shooting games, you'll get used to the controls pretty quickly, and it won't be too hard.


Warface GO: combat strike is a gun shooting battle PVP game, players will enjoy various combat modes and visual effects under stunning graphics in this PVP competitive game. In the game, players can form their own team, so that they can create a team and start PK with their opponents. Dynamic battles are waiting for you in the universe of the world-famous Warface shooter! 

How To Play

First of all, you can perfectly reflect your personality and style through the appearance of the character. Dozens of equipment and numerous skins enable you to create unique and memorable fighters, which will make you stand out among millions of players.

After entering the game, you can easily master Warface: Global Operations through a very intuitive control operation method, and quickly join the fiery battle. Even if you are a newcomer in the mobile shooting game world, you will be familiar with the game operation immediately.

The weapons in Warface can satisfy both natural snipers and melee enthusiasts! Hundreds of customizable weapons: assault rifles and sniper rifles, shotgun submachine guns, and many other weapons will definitely make your heart beat. Then bring your weapons and fight! People are for themselves! Prove to the world that you are the strongest king.



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