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SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooting
Platform :  
Size :   133.6M
Date :   Sep 30, 2020
Version :   v0.0.323
Devoloper :   SHD Games Inc.
Tags : Action Shooting

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Editors' Review

SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooting is a Casual Shooting game, developed and produced by SHD Games Inc. and officially launched on Aug 27, 2019, for Android and Apple platforms.

SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooting is a classic casual shooter set in the context of a super agent on a mission. Open the game and you will enter the game from a first-person perspective. Take on missions and go on fierce fights with your enemies. You will have access to a wide range of weapons, allowing you to enjoy the killing process and find your favorite weapon to defeat more and more powerful enemies. Complete each mission beautifully and you will become the most powerful agent ever!

The game is not too difficult to play, you just need to tap the virtual buttons on the screen to control your character and kill the enemies in front of you. However, your reflexes will be tested as enemies may appear from unexpected places and you will have to kill them at the first opportunity. But you don't have to feel pressured, as the game is very accommodating to newcomers in the early stages. But as the game progresses, the difficulty becomes more challenging.


SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooting is a very classic agent-themed design game with a unique style. Players need to play agents to complete various tasks, kill targets and save hostages. Interested players may wish to try it. Of course, the gameplay is also simple and easy to start. In SIERRA 7, you can rely on your own game skills to get a smooth and refreshing gaming experience.

How To Play

1. The specific gameplay is first-person shooting. You can operate the protagonist to shoot, dodge, change bullets, throw grenades, etc., but there is no way to control the movement of the protagonist. Every time the protagonist moves, the system automatically switches.

2. Shooting in combat feels very good, shooting will have recoil, and some pressure gun operations are also required. In addition to using machine guns and pistols to fight at close range, some levels also need to use sniper rifles. At this time, you need to pay special attention to the order of sniping, and sometimes even need to snipe props first to attract the attention of the enemy.

3. Although the difficulty is similar every time you pass the level, there are also some random factors. For example, you will encounter random enemies who need melee combat. You need to click on the white circle that appears on the screen to win the melee combat, which tests the player’s ability to react and concentration.

4. You will get certain resources after each victory in a level. You can use these resources to buy equipment. Although the equipment can be upgraded, the upgrade is not only solved by in-app purchases. You must use the equipment a certain number of times to unlock the upgrade conditions.



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