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Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir
Platform :  
Size :   277.1M
Date :   Jan 10, 2022
Version :   5.2.9
Devoloper :   Crazy Labs
Tags : Adventure Run Racing Cat

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Editors' Review

Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce. 

Are you good at parkour? Have you ever seen an animated movie called Miraculous Ladybug? If you've seen it, you'll love the game I'm about to show you. The game is called Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir, an action game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale.

Miraculous Ladybug is a parkour game based on the animation of the same name, maximizing the scene's animation in a thrilling task to launch jump parkour. The story takes place in Paris, and players will be launched with the Black Cat exciting rescue mission. Classmates Marina and Jun were chosen to save Paris, and each day they would fight with villains to defend the beautiful city.

In the game, the picture is exquisite brings the player a tremendous vision to enjoy. The game developer restores the animation earnestly, giving the player an excellent experience. In the lifelike game movement, the elaborate design is beautiful. Most importantly, this is a stand-alone game, no need to connect to the internet.

In addition, the game is free. Although the game is small but has an exquisite 3D game picture, this lets the Xiaobian like it very much, in the jump action design is also very lifelike. Parkour, as always, allows gamers to get up to speed quickly. It's a continuation of the classic parlor game, but Ladybug Francesco Redi and the Black Cat have done a pretty good job for a parkour game.

Animation character transformation of the new adventure action game, the game players will need to control the role of a game full of the exciting mission. The game is straightforward and compelling, and the game content is rich and varied. The player is free to challenge the range of the level at will. The game adds an action and adventure style to the traditional parkour elements, giving the game a climbing element that allows the two protagonists to parkour at the same time at subsequent levels.

At the same time, the picture effect of the game is fascinating, and the content is also vibrant; the reward is also very much, on the Parkour Road will meet treasure box, players can collect. The game will be a perfect animation of the role of the restoration, but also in the process of parkour to join some of the parts of the unique action so that the game is more interesting.

All you need to know in the game is the combination of action and adventure and the traditional parkour elements. The game also added climbing elements. In the latter level, there are two main characters, parkour. Game screen content is vibrant, color is also dynamic, reward more, and in the process of excellent running, players can collect many treasure boxes. Ladybug Francesco Redi and the Black Cat are highly animated characters, and there are many different types of action in parkour, which is very interesting.

The game is simple and fun to play and has plenty of game level content, perfect for those who like the challenge. Click on join the Miraculous Bug Lady Cat Noir. Fight with the dark forces of evil to defend their favorite city, more colorful and exciting game content in the game, players together to overcome difficulties, and complete the rescue mission.

Generally speaking, I think it is a game that can pass the time in spare time. The game interface is well-made, and the sound effects are lovely and fresh—very high playability, suitable for people of any age. Don't hesitate to download it now!


Miraculous Ladybug& Cat Noir is an action-adventure game for players. The game is set in Paris. It creates a fun and wonderful game experience for players. You need to play the heroic ladybug in the game to defeat the villains.

How To Play

Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir is a game about a man and a woman, two students who are still students. They are chosen to save Paris. If they want to protect this beautiful city, they have to go through all kinds of difficulties. Adapted from the comic, the mobile game of the same name, the Ladybug Lady and the black cat Noir are the protagonists in the game. As a player you need to control them to fight against those who destroy the city, and protect the city of Paris while ensuring your own safety.

The game integrates many elements. Players who like parkour can find your favorite here, as well as elements such as action and fighting. Paris, France is the background of the game here, and two high school students will welcome them here. The darkness of Paris is different from the bright and bright on the surface. The darkness has swallowed up countless people. The Ladybug Lady will destroy the filth of the darkness with her good friend Noir, the black cat, and fight against the criminals, run on the streets, avoid enemy attacks, and gradually eliminate enemies. In the process, you will also harvest a lot of gold coins and props to get high scores and make yourself stronger.


  • By i love lady bug
    if anybody does not like ladybug and cat noir don't reply in the comments. we didn't ask for your opinion
  • By savannah naomi
    I love LadyBug so much she is so amazing and Cat Nori
  • By Micah
    Miraculous ladybug is OMG amazing
  • By Danyah
    I love Cat noir and ladybug beacuse there a game and a you can watch it on necflix
  • By Missy
    I watch Ladybug and Cat noir all the time
  • By kiara junior
    i love ladybug and cat noir
  • By melissa
    i love ladybug and cat noir
  • By Jenesis
    I love lady bug and cat noir and guss what im waching it now
  • By fan
    I LOVE THE SHOW. marchat ship
  • By Ladybug is trash
    Ladybug is so trash that it never should have been a thing

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