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Minion Rush
Platform :  
Size :   88M
Date :   December 22, 2020
Version :   7.6.0g
Devoloper :   Gameloft SE
Tags : Casual Minions

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Editors' Review

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Remember that minion’s movie we used to watch when we were kids? Now that our favorited little minions have come out with the same name, does that sound fun?

The game, called Minion Rush: Running Game, was developed by Gameloft. This is a thief. Manny adapted the parkour casual type of mobile phone game. The style of the play and animation is the same, and the character settings also follow the original, very reductive. If you like the minions, please don't miss them. Come and control one of the loyal and naughty minions to the track for parkour! The mobile phone banana will also let the player get more benefits and come to download the experience.

Winter to spring, super stupid music time to start! Run with the minions that just woke up from hibernation to celebrate spring break! New Special Assignment: Pirate Life, Minions, are going to a new pirate theme park. Do you dare join them on an exciting treasure hunt? The challenge is so great that it's hard for the average person to pass that standard. Still, there's always a sense of accomplishment, operability, classic style, different adventure modes, fun and completely different creative traps.

In parkour mode, you unlock magical items and skin. Look closely at the objects above and the road ahead. The more connected your cart, the harder it is to parkour, and the more difficult it is to avoid hitting other obstacles. There are so many levels, and you can choose which mode to challenge enjoy different types of parkour in different scenarios. The control must be flexible; only flexible operation can easily avoid obstacles and organs. Shopping Cart Rider, go, don't stop, empty the gift on this road. The game has an endless adventure mode, and shopping trips will not stop. We try to break the game record—a parkour game for all to play, creative themes to attract more players to shopping. The touch screen controls the shopping cart to sway from side to side, avoiding the control and making the coach arrive at the station perfectly. Shopping cart with gifts on the road; watch out for traps. If hit, game over. Cartoon game scenes, God game perspective, easy to observe the route, flexible turn. You'll be amazed at the moments of passion at your fingertips. There's no stopping this endless road.

Collect as many coins as you can, and all the characters are cute, calm, and fun; you need to show unique manipulations to survive—different operations with a whole new model. The Endless Road to adventure mechanism is everywhere, to improve your reaction time to the extreme, with a different play taste! The most beautiful level road to get endless pleasure, the Mech World Parkour War, only to complete a more wonderful operation! There is no doubt about the capabilities of the machines. The parkour experience is now running smoothly; here's a great story, parkour adventure brings you a happy time, the mecha mode is smooth, get better results! Personalized play brings different experience styles, fingertip charm to play the full power of our parkour war is not limited! Only by improving robots' ability can we better complete parkour avoid all the traps. There may be all kinds of conflicts, or some people may get lost in the web, but there are still many people moving forward.

Players need to continue to complete a variety of tasks and actively recruit more erasers to join me, the expansion of the combat team. Let your team grow, work with humans, manage things together, and work with groups of competitors all your life. This game uses the parkour method of play added a brand-new rotation element. The player will control a lovely small. Run and spin to get over obstacles and collect more material to get to the finish line. There are many levels with different backgrounds and different maps that will challenge the player in many modes. You can experience it freely and share much exciting content with a few simple actions. New ideas and exciting gameplay are very diverse, and players can feel free to play much content. Let's get through the most challenging part together. You get a tangible reward. You play one-handed. In this game, players will be able to take risks by manipulating various minions, and obstacles seem to be overcome.

The gameplay of this game is unique, bringing a sense of freshness to the player. While the player is running through the level, he can collect more props, which can quickly improve the speed and skills of your characters, move flexibly, avoid falling blocks, and choose the correct route to get to the finish line safely.


Over 950+ million players have felt the Minion Rush. Now it’s your turn to join one of the most memorably adventurous despicable games around!
Illumination, Universal and Gameloft have teamed up to create Minion Rush, an innovative and highly addictive running game for everyone!
Ready to test your skills? Then run and jump into this fun new runner game along with the Minions to race and dodge your way through all the famous locations straight from the Despicable Me and Minions movies!

How To Play


Experience easy-to-play controls as you run, jump, slide, and dodge obstacles as fast as possible! Have fun clearing out action-packed missions with lots of power-ups and unexpected twists with Gru.
Collect Costumes and run in race challenges as different Minions, including Dave, Carl, Jerry and Mel. Feel the rush while running anytime—there are always fun new goals and adventures to fulfil every day with the help of bananas!
Enjoy an award-winning, fan-favourite running game, highly acclaimed by boys and girls of all ages. And there’s plenty of despicable racing fun action for you too! Pick it up in seconds thanks to easy-to-play controls and simple endless running. You just have to run, swipe, dash, and jump to keep rolling through this adventure game!


Enter a running adventure game with the Minions, full of stunning locations with lively graphics, recreated from the memorable Despicable Me and Minions movies.
Dash through the Residential Area where Gru and the girls live, Egyptian Pyramids, the Prison where the Minions were stuck, always-sunny Freedonia, Eduardo’s House (always full of surprises), and many more! Each adventure has a location that is crafted with love and passion, so get ready for a fun race through challenging obstacles, inside amazing areas and out in the wild.

Take your daring chase through cities, big malls, green parks, beaches with parties, a huge temple—you name it! Also, we made sure to have the most colourful and vivid graphics to ensure you have a great experience playing the best free running game.
If you’re adventurous enough, there’s also a secret area hidden in every location, but you have to show some great running skills and fast-swiping acrobatics to get to them!
Discover loads of great new stories, each available for just a limited time in the Special Missions that come with each regular game update! We promise to keep you busy with fun new racing missions and exciting runner game events. There are lots of prizes waiting for you to collect them after completing every action mission, so get your running shoes on and start the action fast!


The Minions love to dress up, so check out the awesome costume collection! The variety will surprise you, so whether you prefer to play as a Surfer, cute and jumpy Ballerina, a black-suited Spy, red and pink perfect Cupid, or a Cancan Dancer, we’ve got you covered. And that’s just the tip of the costume iceberg!
The Minions never sleep, so neither do we when it comes to crafting new costumes. That’s why there’s almost always something new to try on with every update to the game!
Each Minion Costume has its own special skills, power-ups, and a dash of style to help your Minion accomplish their despicable missions. Collect costumes until you have them all!


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