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Bendy and the Ink Machine
Platform :  
Size :   1.3 G
Date :   Apr 29, 2019
Version :   1.1.3
Devoloper :   Joey Drew Studios
Tags : Action Puzzle Adventure Horror First person Bendy

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Editors' Review

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Are You a brave man? Do you like to play games that are nice and amazing? If you are a professional gamer, you will love the game I recommend.

The game is called Bendy and the Ink Machine and was created by Joey Drew Studios Inc. Company development. This game is an extraordinary style of the adventure puzzle game, and players will enter the game after the first-person perspective to explore. Printed into the eye is a strange studio, where there are many secrets hidden, you will discover the story behind it through constant exploration, and there are so many plots waiting for you to find!

To help you master the game quickly save some unnecessary trouble, I will give you many tips to enhance your game experience. First, you enter the game as Henry, revisiting the abandoned Joey Drew mimeograph animation studio where you used to work. Touched by a world so twisted and torn by so many memories, you will see the devil in your heart. After that, this horror story will destroy your childhood memory of Bendy. The game is presented in cinematic form, each chapter like an OK old movie. The oldies need to wake up from the rune of the summoning ritual, with an axe and a gate to cut open. A shutter needs to be opened, and you must go back to find and activate the three hidden buttons. The three buttons are randomly generated, but they are not hard to find because the search area is small. Under normal circumstances, eat some of this "ink can", you can find a place.

Near a sign says, "He will set us free.". I will find another button, but the controller's location is random, be sure to look carefully. The most complex button to see might be on a big machine or in the nooks and crannies of an air duct. This is the hardest one to find. Activate the three buttons and move on to the next scene. The second scene is more complicated, finding the "EXIT" door on the side and triggering the action. It isn't easy to open as the door is blocked by ink—the need first to drain the ink here. Conveniently pull down the exit gate in front of the electric gate, the floor power, the distance from the sound of the Rolling Gate Open. Many ink demons remember the "step back, cut forward" attack method in the first encounter with the enemy. Down the long aisle, at the end of it, there's a tape recorder that plays it, triggers the action. A guy named Wally Franks left his dressing room key in some wastebasket. At this point, we need to find the key; the scene of the wastepaper basket is still a lot, but finding the key is still very easy. The location of the key is also random, so people need to look carefully.

There is a key in the waste paper basket. The third chapter requires you to use a key to open the door to the changing room, opposite the tape recorder where the "find the key" task was taken. With the word "CLOSET" above the door, go to the changing room and play another tape recorder that will play a "random" piece of content. The recording, by Sammy Lawrence, outlines an animated musical scene described by the neurotic music producer Sammy Lawrence. The second paragraph contains descriptions of four instruments, which may or may not be repeated, but which are random. All you must do is put them in order. In the last chapter, you must remember the order of the four instruments, go to the projector above the auditorium, open the projector, and then quickly go to the cinema to play the four instruments.

Be sure to run fast, because the projector will automatically close after a few seconds, playing the instruments in the correct order after the concert hall next to a shutter will open. Inside the gate, deep in the road, is a "FLOW" switch. Pull the switch, go back. Due to the ink leak, many inks outside the devil appears.

Careful players will find, at this time, there is a scary character upstairs staring at us; whom will he be? If you feel you can't handle the Big Blob of ink out there, lead it to the door and kill them one by one with an axe! There will be one chapter after another that you will have to solve. Be careful, be bold, find a pattern and work your way through it.

Overall, I highly recommend downloading this game. This is a very well-made game; the game details and pictures are perfect impeccable, and the sound effects enhance the player's game experience.


It is a relatively terrifying first-person perspective puzzle escape game. The graphics of the game is very exquisite, but at the same time there are some terrifying elements, and the playability is still very high. The game adopts yellow lighting, and the whole game is shrouded in this tone from beginning to end. There will be a lot of traps and puzzles in the game that need to be solved by players. Players who like horror puzzle games must not miss it!

How To Play

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a first-person perspective puzzle adventure game, produced by TheMeatly Games. The game graphics in cartoon style, the background is located in a ruined workshop, you have to play the main character in the workshop to explore, find some key props, solve many puzzles, although the plot development eventually escape from this workshop.

Of course to play well is not so easy, you need to make full use of your strategy.

Bendy and the Ink Machine gameplay is interesting, new players can also quickly get started, a simple interface at a glance.

This is a new first-person adventure puzzle game, in which players will be in a closed factory, must find the key items to escape through their own wisdom, the game all 5 chapters, the game's background is set in an abandoned workshop, the player will be in the workshop to explore, solve many puzzles. The biggest feature of the game is the cartoon spooky style graphics and a special horror thriller atmosphere.



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