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Samsara Room
Platform :  
Size :   83.7 M
Date :   Jul 22, 2021
Version :   1.6
Devoloper :   Rusty Lake
Tags : Puzzle Adventure Horror

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Editors' Review

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Are You Good at puzzles? Are you good at thinking outside the box? Are you good at small things? If you fit all three, you'll love the game I'm about to recommend to you.

The game is called Samsara Room and was developed by Rusty Lake. The game is set in an enclosed room, and you need to piece together clues to open different doors to escape. Through the table, cabinets, walls of objects such as the altar of unknown meaning to find mystery, indications between no obvious hint can only rely on observation and racking their brains after the trial.

As a kind of exploration puzzle game, Samsara Room represents the difficulty of its game to a certain extent. Players in the game according to clues and other clues to find clues to solve the puzzle, but not necessarily when you have a tip will be successful. I will give you some tips to help you play the game successfully, and you must oversee them. First, when you enter the room, what you see is the telephone and the envelope on the desk.

A glass jar was locked in the cupboard, and a flowerpot was on top. There was a strange shadow in the mirror. We searched the table and found the envelope sealed. We couldn't open it. You need to make a phone call, and out of it comes a jumble of characters, which we don't know how to sort. Found a candle in a flowerpot on the counter. So, the shadow in the mirror is me? Come to the window, outside the scenery is a painting, painted on the root of the rusty lake. A gecko will only crawl in the room, regardless of its temporary. The image was torn from the window along the crack and leaked out behind the hidden altar. There is a candle on the altar, so the other three empty places should also place the candle. Come to the clock. We can adjust the time. But the bottom cabinet is locked. It would help if you had a triangle key to open it. Go over to the locker and check the combination box first. The combination lock is not complicated. Rotate the left arm 180 degrees the right arm 180 degrees. Move two sliders, turn off the hook, move down the golden mechanism to open.

Don’t forget to open the box and get another candle. Search the drawers and find knives, salted fish, and a candle in two or three or four drawers. Back on the phone, I opened the envelope with a knife. Inside was a note. Then you need to turn on the phone and arrange the letters in random order so that the words "enlighten me" fall from the ceiling and a box of matches. Come to the altar side, and the candles are all placed and lit, placed on the tray salted fish, the locked hole opened. Click to enter the spot, and we can go to the next room.

The bubbles are punctured in sequence from left to right. The bubbles break and drop into black spots, forming a phrase "let it sink", followed by a whoosh of paper boats falling from above. The paper ship was unpacked and found to be the same note as before. It's just a key wrapped in it. Use the key to open the cabinet door to get the glass jar. Got a shell on the mirror. There were salted fish on this side of the altar, but the candles were gone. If we're going to keep using the altar, we're going to need new props. Come to the clock side, in the left side of the cabinet raised a nail. Peel away the pin and the wood that follows and stretch out a hand from it. Give him the knife, and then he'll give you a heart. Click on the bottle suspended next to the clock. There is another shell inside. It was determined that the prop for the second ceremony was a shell. Click on the Black Cross that appears on the bottle, and eventually, the bottle will break open, and we succeed in getting the shot.

In general, the fresh painting style, all the pictures are pure lines, pure handmade painting. We need to solve all the puzzles in this room and get out of this weird room. There isn't much-written dialogue, and it still requires observation and exploration. To become different animals, see the room from a different perspective to solve the puzzle successfully. The game's storyline is established, but more is left to the player to use the wisdom of solving the mystery.


"Samsara Room" is a very weird puzzle escape game! The game style of Samsara Room is exquisite and fresh, and all objects are made of lines! Pure hand-painted painting gives you the best gaming experience! There will be some strange objects in the room, you have to find their association with the room and find a way to escape from here!


Game advantage

1. In this mysterious room, a lot of strange elements have been added, all you need to do is to understand them one by one.

2. It incorporates a lot of unexpected content, and the classic gameplay makes people feel extremely excited.

3. Every level is definitely difficult. If you make it easy to break through, you will lose the meaning of challenge.

How To Play

1. The floating room:The player needs to open the phone, and many bubbles will float from the phone. Players need to pop the bubbles in order from left to right. The player needs to find and disassemble the paper boat. You can see the key wrapped in the paper boat. Open the cabinet door to get the glass jar.

2. The hanging room:Players first use a glass bottle to grab a gecko crawling around, and then place the gecko on the altar. At this time, they can attach themselves to the gecko and step on the ceiling, and they will find that the whole room is in an upside-down state. You can find one in the flower pot. Marbles can be used to light candles.

3. The owl solves the puzzle:Open the drawer in the room, you can see the story about the owl, the owl will fly and land on the clock, the player needs to move the owl's head in the order of left, front, left, front and back, so that you can get the feathers. The feather is placed on the table, and the hole will open.



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