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Fran Bow Chapter 2
Platform :  
Size :   4.8M
Date :   March 19, 2019
Version :   2.0.1
Devoloper :   Killmonday Games
Tags : Puzzle Adventure Horror

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Editors' Review

Fran Bow Chapter 2 ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

It's a kind of gaming paranoia driven by a love of horror games. Many people like to play games in eerie environments or enjoy the thrill of the creepy story setting and atmosphere that the game creates. I'm one of those people, and my love for this genre has been clear since I played a horror game that I couldn't stop playing three years ago. To be honest, I can't understand one point of view. It's like my brother said, "People who play horror games are psychopaths, they don't like a normal life, and they like to live in an extreme, twisted world." I felt especially speechless after I heard him say this, that games and society are separated, not that what game you like means what kind of person this is. We are just experiencing other people's lives in an environment that we have never lived in before. Fran Bow Chapter 2 is a very good horror game, it is also a chilling adventure game. I have seen many people give high scores to this game, and in fact, Fran Bow Chapter 2 does deserve such a rating. To my knowledge, Fran Bow Chapter 2 is good enough to earn a spot on the best horror games list, telling the story of Fran, a young girl struggling with a mental disorder and an unfair fate. The backstory is a bit spooky, to be honest, as Fran witnesses a terrible loss in her home and chooses to dash off into the woods to join her best friends Mr. Midnight and Black Cat in their adventures. In this game, you keep adventuring through the levels, and because Fran is in shock from the loss of her parents, she encounters something like a hallucination. When she comes to her senses, she finds herself in a dreary children's mental hospital. This is certainly not the end of the game's backstory, as she wakes up from the asylum and decides to escape and return to her only family. The story is really twisted, and you will always feel depressed when playing Fran Bow Chapter 2, meaning that when you think you can make it big and beat the bosses easily in this type of game, you will most likely fail because your mental state is affected by the game. I can often hear people complain that their performance in horror games is not as good as in other games, because indeed, a person's mental state can limit his physical coordination to the greatest extent, so that he ends up not being able to play the game well. One of the biggest reasons that affect your mental state lies in the game's use of graphics as well as sound effects to objectively pressure the player. In fact, the story of Fran Bow Chapter 2 is already scary enough, but with the addition of its excellent hand-drawn art style 2D animation graphics, Fran Bow Chapter 2 appears to be an ancient sense of age. The original soundtrack of Fran Bow Chapter 2 can also add to the atmosphere of the game, I believe many people will not be afraid if they just turn off the sound effects to play the horror game. This is not right, the horror game in addition to the picture is powerful enough, its sound effects are also a wonderful support, therefore, when playing Fran Bow Chapter 2, you should also pay attention to its original soundtrack; I believe you are a brave man, and this game would not give you some terrible emotional damage.


Fran Bow Chapter is the following chapter after the first release of this title. It is also provided by Killmonday Games and can be purchased at the cost of $1.99 on Google Play and iOS flatforms. Due to its mild mobile game violence and gruesome nature, this game is only limited to players over 12 years old. It is suggested that parents keep an eye on their kids who engage in this psychologically disturbing game. The game picks up the storyline from chapter 1 and the adventure of Fran continues. The aesthetics and game design are coherent with its prequel and the soundtrack takes players into this horror realm of the unknown. 

How To Play

In this chapter, the main character Fran has escaped from Oswald Asylum – the psycho institute by finding a way through the maze and climbing out through a sewage pipe. In her bold adventure, she lost her family photo but the pipe now brings her out in the forest at the Green Crayon. There are more items for players to interact with within this new chapter, such as the little door, gold key, comb, axe, and feature, etc. The major quests for players to take in this part are to seek the thieving rat and gather blueberries. The first puzzle is rather easy and players can use the items including the axe and feather to trigger the reaction. The clue is quite straightforward and solving this puzzle would lead players to the next one. To gather up blueberries, players will arrive at a small house with a very narrow space where players will interact with more items with more details. Players need to be careful when they try to grab the blueberries since the setting can be reactive and protective against the actions players take. The second part of the chapter gets even more psychological. Fran gets deep into the journey of seeking Mr. Midnight and she has to deal with a double personality in this part. In the end, players will unlock 5 new achievements in this chapter. 



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