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My Talking Angela
Platform :  
Size :   474.9 M
Date :   Feb 24, 2022
Version :   5.8
Devoloper :   Outfit7 Limited
Tags : Simulation Casual Online Creativity Classic Mini-Games Virtual Pet Management

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Editors' Review

My Talking Angela ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Talking cartoon characters can get the love of the world! I also love them in this diverse world. I used to like to talk, but since I graduated from college, I've been able to make fewer friends. Because I work in a cubicle office, these hateful plastic panels are like steel, and they block communication between me and my colleagues. So I said very little during the eight hours I worked. When I actually wait for the end of the day, I will become very happy. I finally had a chance to talk to someone, but the world didn't go my way. My hopes can never compete with the realities of the situation. My house is on the east side of the company, while my colleagues' houses are all in the other direction. It was so unfortunate that I was very lonely on the way home, not to mention talking or talking. I was upset and I was lonely before I saw My Talking Angela. About two weeks ago, I started exploring the game's various features. I suddenly understood why it was loved all over the world. My Talking Angela is really working hard to make players happy, and I think anyone who downloads it will learn that.

So, do I need to tell you more about My Talking Angela? I think it's necessary. Angela is a cute white cat, but you shouldn't just believe she's a normal animal. She's a super funny virtual star. Yes, you can believe she's a super star. Wow! I made the mistake of addressing Angela. If I really believed she was a star, I would have called her she. I'm really sorry. My Talking Angela is a lively game. She likes singing very much. She also likes dancing. She continued to perform to make her performance to the first in the world. But even if you know her hobbies and abilities, you can't always ask her to perform. My Talking Angela's request to the player is to keep Angela happy in the 3D world created by the game's developers. We gamers also interact with My Talking Angela in her daily activities. Cool games are always unique. I think the game is rich in interactive activities. There's a lot you don't know, but you can discover Angela's movements by experimenting. Her moves are fun, and you can customize them. I'm afraid you won't understand this, so I'm going to explain it in one sentence. My Talking Angela's movements are chosen by you, and you can choose the interaction you want or the interaction you don't want, so is that clear? I love Talking to Angela because she gives me a nice voice that makes me feel like I'm Talking to a real person. This solved my problem and put me out of my misery. I really feel like that she's my savior.

You can also help My Talking Angela dress up. I'm so jealous! These clothes are really beautiful and I wish they could be worn on me. I took her clothes as seriously as IF I were helping myself. But I don't really take My fantasy as a real thing because I like My Talking Angela. She's my best friend. As soon as Angela was dressed up, I took a picture, a screenshot, and shared it with other people. If I meet someone like me who's a fan of My Talking Angela, that's what we're talking about. This is a good way for me to make friends and find conversation topics with friends.


A singing, dancing fashion star from the makers of My Talking Tom!Talking Angela is a virtual pet with a style the whole family can enjoy!My Talking Angela is a family casual game developed by Outfit 7 Limited. The cute Xiao Mao in this game can imitate what you say with her own voice.

How To Play

* Players can bathe her, decorate her home and feed her delicious food.

* Angela has a variety of mini games designed to test skill, reflexes and puzzle solving ability.

* Players can collect stylish stickers to collect and swap with other players.

* Angela can select unique outfits from a huge selection of fashion items, including dresses, shoes and makeup. A new makeover whenever she wants!

* She can even learn cool dance moves to her favorite songs. Whether it’s ballet, K-pop or disco - Angela takes to the stage and makes some magic!


  • By Jaydn
    It i so fun and my children love it with all of their hearts! (HELP ME!!)
  • By uchia
    it is so fun love it
  • By Analia
    it is so fun love it
  • By Jeramiah
    its so fun
  • By Raegen Laverman
    This looks SSSSOOOO fun!
  • By ANDI
  • By aqua
    this is the bbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssttttttttttttttt! game evre!
  • By Molly
    This is the best talking angela game i have ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • By Joy
    I want to play this game
  • By kirk willis

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