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Retro Bowl
Platform :  
Size :   18.3M
Date :   Dec 20, 2021
Version :   1.4.98
Devoloper :   New Star Games Ltd
Tags : Sports Retro Bowl

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Editors' Review

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New Star Games Ltd developed Retro Bowl as a pixel-filled sports game. The game is now available for free download in the Google Store and earned a high score of 4.8.

Do you like football? Do you like mobile sports games? If you like one of these, you can't miss this game. Retro Bowl is a football-themed sports game. The whole game style is pixel style, very cute, fresh. The game is as good as new for those who have lived through the era of pixel sports video games.

In addition to the nostalgic style of painting will let the players feel fresh and refined; even the background music also allows people to immerse. It's incredible how the connected game has come of age in all its natural forms. What's even more remarkable is the game's subject matter, whose Bowl? you heard me say, is the very popular bowl which is Super Bowl. Isn't that amazing and surprising? The game provides a team of player management functions and news reports and communication among the players so that the sports games become more fun and authentic.

Dynamic background music dramatically enhances the player's sense of the game experience through the retro screen. And if you're not good at football, don't worry, it's a friendly game for beginners. When you enter the game for the first time, the system will guide you through the game. It's straightforward to use, effortless to use.

The game can feel like a throwback to childhood, and it's certainly very popular with the general public, perhaps for that reason. The game is now available for free in all major mobile app stores. Does that make you feel anything? After all, more than 400,000 installs of the game can reap 4.8 points high score, and the game reviews over 400,000 are still scarce, so we can see the players love the game.

In the overall game, the picture style of the play is comfortable. Players can use both hands flexibly, with just a few fingers. In the game, the picture is evident, also has very many modelings unique role images to be possible to unlock. During the game, you will also find the scene is a very high degree of reduction, players as if in real life on the football field for the game. You may need to practice more if you're new to football because it's the perfect way to develop a team rapport.

As the level goes up, you'll unlock a vast number of levels and have to battle with a variety of opponents. Players can also sum up more experience in the game and a perfect operation. Players who like sports must not miss this game; the description of the scene is very realistic. But also, authentic game rules experience, the need for perfect manipulation of the character image. For more exciting football games, a finger swiping screen can be flexible manipulation of the role, move up and down left and right, and master more kicking skills.

Generally speaking, I think it's an excellent game for everyone to download, and you can play as much football as you want in the game. It's a very stress-relieving thing to do if you start to get interested in it. Download it now!


Retro Bowl is a pixel rugby mini-game. It has complete rugby rules, a variety of competitive gameplay, choose your favorite celebrities, so you can build a strong team, according to the actual game situation to develop a defensive offensive formation, only the really strong can take up the crown of rugby league!


Game features

1. Use the very easy command style of play, anyone can quickly get started, in the right time to do the right thing, you can easily win.

2. It requires players to have a certain strategy, although it looks simple, but actually want to win each game.

3. It is suitable for all ages, rugby as the theme, combined with the traditional arcade gameplay.

How To Play

The gameplay of "Retro Bowl" is very similar to Konami's famous soccer game "Live Soccer" series, where players can line up their own positions for each player and prepare the right formation and battle instructions for the team. Players can also play in the process of the game, control the player and the opponent to start a fierce confrontation, experience a field of muscle and beauty collision.



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