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Heads Up! Best Charades game
Platform :  
Size :   167.3M
Date :   Dec 17, 2021
Version :   5.1.23
Devoloper :   Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Tags : Free game Word

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Editors' Review

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Heads Up! Best Charades game is developed and released by Warner Bros in the year of 2013, and it has updated to the newest version in 2021 with more entertaining features.

If you are looking for a game that is easy and fun to play in groups, then go for this one. You can play this game to have fun with your friends on a party night or spend quality time with your families. It is a perfect game choice to lighten the mood and also boost your friendship.

The idea of this interactive game is inspired by a game Ellen plays on her famous talk show, Ellen Show. The way to play this game is to guess the word written on the deck out based on clues the other player gives. So it often involves two players. One put the deck before his forehead so he could not cheat, and the other player is responsible to give clues to help his teammate to guess the word written on the deck out.

There are many categories of decks including celebrity, marvel Harry Potter, etc. The total of the category can be more than 75. If you are a huge fan of such themes listed above, this one will bring you a lot of joy. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the decks you have, you can also use one feature in this game to create your deck by drawing or typing. 

Among all kinds of decks, I feel the celebrity category is not that hard compared with other decks. Because although you are not allowed to directly tell the name of this celebrity, you can still give a lot of hints that are special to the stars such as their movie, their typical characteristic, and so on. It won’t take too long to get the answer unless your friend is not familiar with those celebrities. Just choose a category that both you and your friend are quite familiar with. And that will make the game more smooth and more fun.

Whenever your teammate guesses one right then he is allowed to shake his telephone to move on. If he has trouble guessing the word out then it is also fine to skip. Just don’t stick to any word because it is a waste of time.

 If you want, you can include more friends in this game, divide all people into two groups then make rules for the game such as guessing one word right takes one point, and failing one causes the team to lose one point. And don’t forget to limit the time of guessing every word otherwise anyone could spend a long time just to get one word right. You can record the scores, in the end, to see which team is the final winner. To make it more interesting, you can also come up with some punishment ideas. During your play, you can shoot a video as well, and later you will find out how hilarious the guessing process would be. Many videos online as such will get a lot of viewership.

The free options are not a lot. I wish there will be more free rounds in the future. I just can’t get enough of it. But the extra options are affordable and able to unlock tons of fun.

In a nutshell, I highly recommend this game to all age groups be it, children or adults. This game is not simply guessing the word out, it is better to say it helps create a joyful vibe in your family strengthens your relationship with others, and even gets more friends while playing it.


With the development of the Internet, the communication between people has become less, and the application of Heads Up can increase the communication between people, so it is currently very popular. If your friends love to be funny and perform, then don’t hesitate to come and experience the surprises and happiness that Heads Up brings to you. There’s nothing more fun than a bunch of friends winking at you and you can’t figure it out.

How To Play

It is suitable for friends to play together at a party, the specific gameplay is that the player holds the phone to the top of the head, and there is a phrase on the screen. The teammates are responsible for explaining the phrase, and the player has to guess it according to the prompts. In other words, it’s a bit like you gesture and I guess, but Heads Up also simplifies the game flow so that the fun focuses on the guessing stage. You can choose phrases with different themes, then hold the phone with your back to yourself, and the game can begin. After answering correctly, flip down, and if you can’t guess, flip up to enter the next word, Heads Up makes the game simple and convenient.


  • By victory
    this game is lame in my opinion
  • By jessiah
    this game is kinda hard.
  • By Journey
    My talking Angela was my favorite game
  • By kaitlynn
    im new to this game i hope it is a great game so yeah byeee
  • By madison
    i love this game but, iam sad that i cant do it online.
  • By Kaliyah
    I didn't play it yet
  • By Emma
    Baldis basics is my favorite game!
  • By Peyton
    This is the best game ever!!!!!!
  • By Ruqaya A
    it's cool
  • By monica89
    best game everrrrrr

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