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Temple Run 2
Platform :  
Size :   358.4 M
Date :   Jan 23, 2022
Version :   1.85.1
Devoloper :   Imangi Studios, LLC
Tags : Adventure Run Racing

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Editors' Review

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Temple Run 2 is a running video game for all ages. It was developed by and published by Imangi Studios in 2020. compared to its predecessor Temple Run, there are more treasures and dangers are waiting for your try.  So do you want to join in this game with zillions of people?

Although this is a small mobile game, the scene design and changes are not inferior to large-scale web games. The picture quality is very delicate, and the color rendering of the scenery along the way is colorful and authentic. The entrance to the temple appears at the very beginning of the game. The burning candles, stones of various shapes, and golden skulls all give me a sense of ancient mystery. Players can experience picturesque sightseeing while heading for the goal in the running video games.  The notice “Take the idol if you dare” really activates your desire to have a try! Do remember that a big black monkey will chase after you all along the way. Many elements such as grass, trees, and bridge in the air grab your attention but there will be damaged running track appearing abruptly, so players must be cautious. The audio effect really stirs emotions. When players jump up and grab the rope, a human voice will appear. The background music also creates an exciting environment, and corresponding music or sound will add, too.

It is easy to get started since the controls are the same as the Temple Run. The chosen character will embark on an adventure to find an ancient and precious golden idol from the temple. But the temple was home to a group of demon monkeys who wanted to devour them. Since the game is an endless run game, players have to play until the character hits a big obstacle or falls into the water. Gold, red and blue coins are the rewards to players during the process. Different types of coins refer to the various worth of points. Positive feedbacks and beautiful scenery are advantages of this good game.

The operating system is very simple, allowing this parkour game to quickly attract a large number of players when the mobile game market explodes. But it is precisely the bottleneck. Parkour games are difficult for players to study the game mechanism or fully immersed in depth. The mobile phone screen is small and the scene is not grand enough, so it has to face the situation of being forgotten. Even the "Parkour+" gameplay is difficult to attract the attention of users at the moment. In the current market, more parkour gameplay is integrated into some large-scale games. Running, climbing the mountains, or doing single sports will not hold players’ interest for a long time.

More plots about the game need to be explained and background information should be provided by the developer. Sofar the Imangi Studios haven’t provided many details of the story yet.

Basically, it is a good game for all ages. Kids can have a try without worrying about the violence that hurts their mental health. By the way, kids can exercise their ability to make reactions. Parents can play this game with their children for fun. So why not download it as an educational game?


Temple Run 2 is a running adventure role-playing game developed by Imangi Studios and LLC. It is a sequel to Temple Run and is more exciting and interesting. The same temple, fresh scenes, the same running, more props, to let the passion never stop. In the new version, new obstacles such as single wooden bridge, chainsaw and fire pit have been added. The single wooden bridge needs to run in the middle, and the chainsaw and fire pit need to jump through.

How To Play

You need to climb over the wall of the ancient temple, climb up the cliff and measure your reaction. In the process, you can shake your mobile phone to collect gold coins, or use your fingers to slide up and down to control the game characters to avoid obstacles. Swing, turning, jumping, sliding, avoiding obstacles, collecting coins, buying energy, and seeing how far you can run! You can enter the game with a variety of different characters, upgrade the characters and increase the energy crazily.


  • By Makala
  • By jay
    that game is a good game it fun
  • By JahSun
    This game is like an adventure for me and others and kids its really funny that my kid plays it like every single day i say are you hungry he says NO im playing temple run 2 and i say ok.I LOVE THIS GAME AND MY KIDS.
  • By Danyah
    i like this game
  • By yaqeen
    this is a good game
  • By zoey cains
    this game is boring and not to good because you lose on it and its not fair and i hate when i lose
  • By Isaiah Aristy
    Temple run is my favorite game.
  • By Xxbenji23
    i like it

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