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The Room: Old Sins
Platform :  
Size :   1,064.20 MB
Date :   February 05,2018
Version :   V1.0.4
Devoloper :   Fireproof Studios Limited
Tags : Puzzle Horror the room

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Editors' Review

The Room: Old Sins ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

I've been overwhelmed by puzzles again, and I don't know how many times I've been the loser of a puzzle game. My whole family loves puzzles, especially those that involve solving puzzles, and it's impossible for me to get myself out of their grip. My father was defeated by these games long before I actually encountered a challenging game. In fact, I might suspect that the average intelligence level of my family is not very high, otherwise why would some very simple levels trap us? The Room: Old Sins and its older brothers have brought me this sense of regret, but I'm not averse to playing the game, and I won't stop you from playing it. If you don't know much about The Room: Old Sins, I suggest you enjoy its predecessors, because it's the accumulation of these games that has taken the world by storm, and The Room: Old Sins, the fourth game in the series, is able to completely blow its older brothers out of the water in some ways. I mean, its older brothers are the so-called prequels, and you need to know exactly what this game is about before you decide to play The Room: Old Sins. In fact, in The Room: Old Sins, you are a poor man transported to a room full of puzzles as well as strange objects. You will need to discover things or clues everywhere to really make yourself aware of some fascinating stories. You can look around at these precious artifacts, or you can pick one up and examine it closely. That's the beauty of this game, you can see the heart and soul that the game makers have put into the artifacts, and these detailed textures will always be what makes us decide to support The Room: Old Sins ourselves. This game series is getting better in this aspect with each update. You take a path in The Room: Old Sins towards the attic, which leads to the discovery of an old and quirky toy house. What do you think of when you see an attic and a toy house? Yes, I'm sure many people who have seen detective movies know what they mean, and you can see something disturbing. In tracking down obscure clues, you will unlock the secrets of this manor step by step. In fact, the backstory of The Room: Old Sins is pretty much the same as its predecessor, so it's just a supporting character. The real star of the show should focus on The Room: Old Sins' intuitive touch controls, which are the strength of the game and its series. In The Room: Old Sins, this advantage seems to be infinitely magnified. Every time I picked up an object in the game and looked at it, I saw excellent detail on its surface, and it looked like I was actually looking at a concrete thing that existed. I love this feeling that The Room: Old Sins can bring to the player. I once played a simulator game that claimed to deliver the ultimate touch experience, and you know, the bragging was just up in the air. Of course you'll want to play it when you see the ads, but you'll be disappointed with the game. Because its garbage optimization and system compatibility makes you angry, however, The Room: Old Sins has none of these stinkers, it is indeed a great game commodity that has accumulated huge experience and you can check all the objects in the game one by one in great detail. In time, you will understand that what I said is right.


The Room: Old Sins is the fourth sequel to the classic room escape game The Room by Fireproof. The game inherits the excellent mechanical puzzle design and Victorian style of the series, and for the first time completes the series of prequels. It is a very classic mobile secret room game. In addition to the rich puzzle elements, the Cthulhu theme and eerie tone add another temptation to the game, which make you more addicted to the game.

How To Play

1. First of all, you can see the general situation of the room when you enter the game. There is a camera light and arrow instructions. You only need to open the lever according to the arrow instructions. Then look to the right, you can see a black box, which is locked, there is also a prompt, you can directly open the box.

2. There is some important information in the box, which is the key to solving the puzzle later. There is a notebook inside that can be opened to see the records inside. Then you can see a screwdriver on the right, pick it up, use this screwdriver to unscrew the camera light and open the back cover.

3. Open the back cover of the camera to see the internal parts, and put the two yellow parts together. After exploring here, we are going to check the house model on the left. There is an iron door, which can be opened directly by clicking, and then the main door of this house will automatically open, and there is an area that cannot be seen clearly.

4. There is another box on the right. Pull the handle down to open the dark compartment and get the eyepiece. Click on the eyepiece in the item bar on the left, press the switch on the side to open the eyepiece, we can use this eyepiece to see the invisible part mentioned above.



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