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The Room Pocket
Platform :  
Size :   409.29 MB
Date :   December 10,2020
Version :   V1.0.5
Devoloper :   Fireproof Studios Limited
Tags : Puzzle Horror the room

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Editors' Review

The Room Pocket ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

When I was an elementary school student, I thought the most difficult toy in the world was the Rubik's Cube. But after I memorized the formula and practiced how to play with the cube, it was like a piece of paper that I poked and prodded, and the secret behind it was so simple. I am certainly not kidding, as long as you really want to conquer something, other than your laziness and slackness can bring you negative impact, other factors are not important difficulties. So, players who share my experience can also empathize with me, we always want our intelligence to be further developed, otherwise it is a natural waste. I recently found a mysterious and great piece of work in Fireproof Games' games, The Room Pocket, a fascinating puzzle game. If you can actually get through The Room Pocket, your IQ is definitely high. After I say this, some smart people should understand what I'm going to say, because you can say you're a smart person if you can beat all the levels The Room Pocket offers. Poor me, I still haven't done that, which is frustrating, but I'm sure I'll be able to conquer The Room Pocket one day.

Let's start with the gameplay. You are first transported to a mysterious and multi-layered nested space. It's very beautiful, but it's also very dangerous, and the intriguing patterns on the door locks are the way the game takes over the screen, and you can see a door lock all over your phone screen. Once you have cleared this level, the next level that greets you is still a door lock. See here maybe you have come out exactly what kind of game The Room Pocket is, yes, you have to keep unlocking these 3D doors because some secrets. I'm absolutely fascinated by this game because it's just like my love affair with Rubik's Cube, you have to make thousands of attempts before experimenting with the pattern or you simply don't know how to get down in The Room Pocket. I know some players will find this game mode to be tiresome, but it won't be as boring as you hope, and you'll love The Room Pocket. If you hear the door lock change under your control in some mechanically beautiful way, you won't be able to resist going back for the next step. I think the exciting one-finger control this game offers can make it feel like you're actually cracking a real door lock, and then if you actually open a door, you'll feel better than ever. This feeling, how can I describe it? I think you should all be in the student years by the math problems, these difficulties of the sick math problems simply is not we normal human beings should do. But there are some people with very good academic performance who enjoy the process of solving math problems, and we won't discuss these gods here. You finally calculate the correct answer after countless trials, you will gain an indescribable sense of accomplishment. You will get the same feeling when you play The Room Pocket, and the pleasure you get after you pass the game is even more exciting than when you get all the questions on a math paper right. That's how I challenged myself in The Room Pocket. The first level of the game is free, but if you pass the first level, you will face a fee, which you should be aware of. Otherwise, you may think that I am a lier or some bad man.


The Room Pocket is an excellent puzzle game. The game is designed very neatly. The advantages of touch operation are almost reflected to the extreme. In the face of the switch box, the rotation and zoom are very sensitive. Although the game has a certain degree of difficulty, as long as you persevere and gradually find out the rules, you will experience the fun of cracking from the challenge.

How To Play

1. After entering the game, you first see a safe, so the game starts, and the game prompts you to double-click the envelope.

2. After sliding out the letter according to the arrow, a letter comes into view.

3. When you getting the key, you can use the key to open the small box next to it.

4. After opening the box, you will find the eyepiece mentioned in the letter just now, which seems to be a key prop.

5. At this time, another letter came out, which is really a headache. Even if you don't understand the general meaning, keep going.

6. There is no lens in the eyepiece at this time, so there is no need to linger. In the scene of launching the letter, many players complain that they don’t know how to exit the scene. They only need to use two fingers to pinch each other, which is similar to zooming out a photo.



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