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Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins
Platform :  
Size :   51M
Date :   March 24, 2021
Version :   1.812.125
Devoloper :   Maze Theory
Tags : Puzzle Horror Reasoning

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Editors' Review

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Nowadays, the interface mode of mobile games is really getting strange. In the past, mobile games were known for their beautiful battle graphics and good sound effects, but nowadays people's taste for games has deviated to a very strange direction. I think this does require us to reflect, because we are playing those traditional games and feel bored? Or are we simply not that interested in some well-made mobile games? In any case, the interface of mobile games nowadays is really getting simpler and simpler, and sometimes when you open a mobile game, you're the only one who knows you're playing a game. People standing around you don't even know you have a mobile game open. The reason for this? It turns out that you are also seeing the game interface in Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins as if it were a cell phone interface, and you hardly see very exciting shots in Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins, but that doesn't affect your enjoyment of the game at all. Obviously, I am now going to introduce Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins, because it caught my eye and won my praise in a very short time. So, this game can't be forgotten by the Internet or by you so to.

I think this game can be defined as a detective game. So what is a detective game? Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins is like this, you experience a series of sinister times in an abandoned and dangerous house in London. However, someone has inexplicably disappeared for some unknown reason, so you as a detective, you will not allow something evil to reign in the world. You find their cell phone, which is the only clue you have. You can use the phone to discover some clues and help you solve mysterious puzzles. However, you have to be careful that the phone you find is back to self-destruct and you have to solve this chilling truth. I think that's what makes Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins so scary, because you don't know what the truth is, and you don't know what the exact picture of the game is. Truth be told, it's games like this that are the scariest, you know what's going on just by the text, but you have to use your brain to imagine it all. All the things you find most scary will be combined to create a new source of horror, so you will feel Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins is the scariest of the detective games. Remember, when playing Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins, please don't look around and please don't blink, and don't turn your back on others. What makes this game stand out to me is that you solve this dark story, but all you have is the phone in the game. This phone is filled with emails, text messages, and phone calls, and you can tell what the details of the story are by the content of some of the conversations, so you get back to knowing exactly what you're doing. I think that's the huge appeal of Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins, and a lot of games basically can't do that. Maybe I'm being too arbitrary, some games don't fail to do that, but they don't develop in a way that centers on that aspect. But anyway, Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins is one of the hundreds of games I've played in the most special, you can enjoy playing a detective, as Sherlock Holmes, you will not ignore the game because of their own stupidity or cleverness to bring you the horror experience. Seriously, I love Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins.


Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin is a horror and survival game in which players need to figure out all the mysteries on their own. Based on the award-winning work of Sara is Mission as well as SIMULACRA, this game features thrilling horror elements and provides players with a clear and intriguing plot in order to offer players an immersive gameplay experience. Players need to sneak into the abandoned house in an unknown corner of London where someone is missing, and they are appointed as the detective to sort out yet to unveil clues and solve the puzzles. The problem is that you have to risk your life in order to find the truth. The game improves players’ problem-solving skills as well as critical thinking throughout the gameplay process. Diving into the horror world requires players’ courage and wisdom to escape from the hidden evils. So stay alert and take quick action.

How To Play

Since it is a detective game featuring horror stories, players will play as detectives and search for useful clues through the phone. You should scan through the messages, documents, and emails, along with other information contained in the applications of the phone, and share the clues with your partner. Try to solve the riddles and puzzles using your wisdom and pay attention to details. Choose the path that you want to take to continue the horror story in the game. The key to solving the myth is to be patient and alert to details when scrolling through the phone. Your ultimate goal is to connect different pieces of information and make them into a whole complete story and solve the myth. The game is all about switching back and forth between different phones and you can take notes by grabbing a pen and paper whenever you like. Enjoy and good luck!



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