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Grand Theft Auto III
Platform :  
Size :   738.2 M
Date :   Jun 4, 2019
Version :   1.5
Devoloper :   Rockstar Games
Tags : Action Simulator Auto

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Editors' Review

Grand Theft Auto III ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Grand Theft Auto III is a mafia adventure game published by Rockstar Games. It is the fifth entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. It has a very open-ended nature and a huge city as the base of the game's environment. This Grand Theft Auto III game becomes a game that provides pure thrill and fun.

The player will start the game as a novice criminal. The plot of the story is that the player's game character is arrested by the police after being betrayed by his girlfriend in a bank raid. From then on, the player is determined to take revenge. Players then get involved in crime, drugs, and gang wars in Liberty City. Players navigate the game on foot or by car and build their level of connection and respect in a variety of ways. Players will have to negotiate with the Italian mafia and other criminal organizations such as the Japanese yakuza. As players' reputation in the game grows, they also get a lot of job opportunities through pay phones and face-to-face meetings. Or the player will meet his boss and a mysterious stranger. This mysterious man is the big man in the city center, and he will provide more work for the player. The reliability of players doing things for these people is the key to their acquisition of assets. This will help players improve their status and give them more job opportunities.

Players do not need to complete every mission in the game at once. This means players will have unlimited opportunities to complete it, and players will often have five quests from different employers that can go on at the same time, so when players get stuck on any one particular quest, they can save it for later Finish. This greatly increases the freedom of the game.

Also, while the player's credibility in completing a quest determines whether he has more work, they can also choose not to work and run around or drive around freely in the game, or even be a big villain with no purpose, to buy some guns to attack cops and pedestrians. It's an incredibly comfortable experience, and players will do whatever bad things they can in this Liberty City. There are so many things to enjoy and have a lot of fun here. For example, players can also have their own crazy taxi and drive to collect the fare or stand on the sidewalk and pick up some grenades, try to adjust the throwing time and throw them for maximum damage to pedestrians, or even steal the street on all cars. Blow them up after lining them up neatly. How crazy that sounds.

The Liberty City in the game is divided into three distinct areas, the industrial, commercial, and suburban sectors. Players won't be able to access them all at first, but as the game progresses, players will gain more street cred and gain more time, and then the Town Planning Commission pulls together by building bridges to get through them. Every area in the game has a large area. The game will provide players with a beautiful folding city map. Players can see maze-like streets laid out in detail on this map. Everything is no longer complicated. There are many places on the map that players need to remember, including the various bosses the player currently works for, the home garage, hospital, spray shop, bomb shop, police, and fire stations, and more. The radar in the lower left corner of the game screen will show the position to the north.

The game graphics of Grand Theft Auto III are excellent. It has its own unique charm. There are thousands of pedestrians and cars in the game and look beautiful. The action of the game's characters is also very smooth and beautiful. Each game character has its own style, such as men walking boldly like men, and prostitutes wandering around like prostitutes. The textures of the game are pure and simple. Players will feel that the game provides an accurate depiction of the most comfortable American metropolis. Everything looks realistic, and there are even some eye-opening moments, like the possibility of heavy rain pouring down from the clouds or a giant twinkling moon in the middle of the game's night.

Overall, Grand Theft Auto III is a beautiful and sprawling gaming epic. It will bring players an exciting, complete, and shocking gaming experience. If players are looking for an excellent mafia action-adventure game. Please don't miss it.


Grand Theft Auto 3 is the first GTA series game released by American Rockstar Company in 3D graphics. The missions of Grand Theft Auto 3 include many missions about the protagonist. Among them, there are main quests and optional side quests, which increase the playability and freedom of the game. Some pre-mission details may seem unimportant, such as whether or not to go to the weapons store and get ready before starting some missions. However, the decision of these details may determine the success or failure of the mission.

How To Play

Regarding the enemy driving the vehicle, except for the specific tasks that the game itself forces the use of cars to carry out, the other tasks are solved by motorcycles as much as possible. Because the motorcycle is the only one that can shoot straight ahead while driving, and it is fast, it can be chased immediately even if the opponent escapes. When other vehicles are shooting sideways, they cannot take into account the road conditions ahead, and unexpected accidents often occur. Throwing weapons such as grenade and incendiary bombs, as long as they are familiar with their throwing distance and detonation time, are often more effective than simply using guns to defeat the enemy in actual combat. Sometimes the enemy hides behind an obstacle, and gun-like weapons fired in a straight line cannot work in this situation. Instead, a bomb thrown in a parabola can actually hit the enemy.

Note that the power of the grenade is so powerful that it can destroy any vehicle in the game except tanks. In addition, if the enemy is hiding in a densely packed area, detonating one of the vehicles with a grenade can cause the surrounding vehicles to catch fire and cause greater damage. The effect can only be described as terror. So don't underestimate these little stuff. At the beginning of the game, there is a lack of powerful weapons to deal with the enemy. It is recommended to go to the northern junkyard to get the Ingram there, go south to the weapon shop empty-handed and approach the shop manager to get Shotgun, turn to the DJ's club roof next to it to get the AK47, and then go south to get the motorcycle Fly to the roof to get the flamethrower, and then go to the southeast pier to get the grenades on the bow and the bulletproof vest next to it. As long as you follow this order a few more times, you can accumulate a large amount of practical weapons and ammunition in the initial stage, and prepare for future battles.


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