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Pocket Build
Platform :  
Size :   462 M
Date :   Jan 17, 2022
Version :   3.87
Devoloper :   MOONBEAR
Tags : Sandbox Building games Farming simulator

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Editors' Review

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I have always believed in the fact that a person, no matter who he is, as long as he is a normal developing person, he will have sufficient brain volume. That was enough to support his boundless creativity. Human creativity can be seen as a super nuclear bomb that changes the world. Think about it. If you were lost in the wild at the same time as an animal, of course, that animal wouldn't eat you, who would have the most privileged life of the two of you? I think at least on this score, humans are the better side. People will try to build everything to their advantage. As a result, it is not uncommon for this advantage to be reflected in games. Pocket Build is just that, a demonstration of human creativity. I really want to give Pocket Build credit, because it really showed me where my strengths are. I want to say thank you to Pocket Build. I feel that if YOU want me to express my gratitude, I can not simply say a word. I should prepare an article to recommend this game to everyone. If you like it, we can be good friends and discuss it together.

I think it's a sandbox game with a super good 3D graphics engine in the open world, and I'm not exaggerating. You can Build everything in Pocket Build's world. Right, I mean all of them. You can build whatever you want. There are no limits. I think, when I was a student, I was always able to come up with a lot of wild ideas. But the poor education system did not allow me to realize these ideas. Instead, they, teachers and parents, stifled my creative ideas. It's a very sad thing. I remember when I designed a sketch of the castle on draft paper. I thought this sketch could be the basis of a blueprint or even a real castle. I was proud of it. When I showed this picture to my father with joy, he flew into a rage. I couldn't understand why he was angry, I couldn't understand what he was thinking, but in his rage he tore up the blueprints of my castle. I really too sad, didn't he know his behavior is breaking the wings of my imagination? I still find his behavior unreasonable. If he had given me enough encouragement, I might be a qualified engineer or designer now. But that's all in the past, and I just focus on the present. Pocket Build is an opportunity for me to be creative again. You can place and create castles, farms, towers, houses and Bridges in Pocket Build. Pocket Build is a super huge open world where you're like an engineer, I mean, like god. You can create buildings as much as you want and believe that the possibilities are endless.

Of course, Pocket Build has a lot more to offer than gameplay to grab our attention. My favorite feature of this game is 3D touch support. You may not understand what this term means, but I can explain it here. You get great tactile feedback, and you can feel the vibration of your phone as you build the city, as if you are actually arranging the building materials! This feature forms the enjoyable foundation of your Pocket Build experience. In this sandbox game, you don't have to compete with others for resources, and you don't have to struggle to survive in this world. All these can be completely left behind. In my opinion, Pocket Build is a creative game that allows you to concentrate on nothing, reminding me of the time when I built blocks in my childhood.


Pocket Build is a fun and casual sandbox construction simulation game developed by MoonBear LTD. The graphics of the game is fresh and beautiful, and the gameplay is very interesting. In the highly free sandbox world, players can give full play to their imagination, build various towns by themselves, and create the perfect home of their dreams. In addition, players can build, rotate and place items anywhere in the game, including buildings, trees, animals, fences, roads, castles, skulls, barrels, farms, bridges, towers, houses, rocks, and more Control the humans in the game to help collect materials. The game is simple and easy to start. 

How To Play

1. The core gameplay is also construction. The biggest highlight is that you can build land, hollow out the land, and use props to change the terrain. There are wood, food, gold coins, etc. in the game, and players can send workers to collect resources. The game provides props with different effects. Each prop is designed with dozens of styles for players to choose from. Players can easily build a small world and gain a sense of achievement faster.

2. This game has no space restrictions, and players can play as long as their brains are big enough to achieve unrestrained creativity and tricky operations. Different islands can choose to be connected by bridges, or you can use land to pile islands into continents or build castles in the air,

even let your house float at sea etc.


  • By Pre-ocupied_Wolffill35
    I really enjoy playing this game and I think the music is really relaxing. The only bad thing is I frequently get lag spikes. 4.5 stars rating. :)

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