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Earn to Die 2
Platform :  
Size :   75M
Date :   January 11, 2021
Version :   1.4.26
Devoloper :   Not Doppler
Tags : Racing

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Editors' Review

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I used to imagine what would happen if the world came to an end, but after waiting so long I still didn't find a single sign about the end of the world. It seems like no one will find the end of the world scary, because many movie directors' imagination is embodied by the actors, and some scary scripts are very dark. You can always hear in some movies, for example, "I'm not going to live," "Destroy, mankind," or "The zombies are coming," and these horrible words imply that mankind These horrific words contain a frightening aspect of the heart of this gloating species. I used to think about how to defeat the zombie army and if that day came, I would drive around in my Toyota and save the survivors, and I would be able to run over thousands of zombies with my car on the way. My imagination became a reality and a game company actually made a game out of this terrifying idea, Earn to Die 2. It is the successor to Earn to Die, which has maintained high scores and continues to receive positive reviews from players. In Earn to Die 2, you drive a car through a city overrun by zombies. The zombie apocalypse has finally hit and you are the survivor, but you don't know if there are any new survivors around you. So, this dilapidated car becomes your only means of transportation. You must drive it around the city collecting money and finally reaching the evacuation boats on the other side of the country. In order to survive, you have to do a very bloody act, and like I said earlier, your car plus you are probably over a ton, so you don't need to be afraid to face zombies that are just made of flesh and blood.

In Earn to Die 2's new story mode, you get to see a very long chapter. Compared to Earn to Die, you will spend more time playing in Earn to Die 2. Of course, this time will not be wasted, because you will get an exciting experience during these hours. Your phone's sound effects and vibrations can tell you that you are killing a lot of zombies and that you are becoming a hero even though you have no intention of being one. What I found different about Earn to Die 2 compared to its predecessor is that its maps are mainly focused on urban areas, which are made up of high-rise buildings. So the whole picture looks very nerve-wracking. Moreover, Earn to Die 2 looks very crowded and there seems to be zombies everywhere. You can imagine how enjoyable it is! Earn to Die 2 also has a lot of levels, I thought at first that the game was just racing all the way through, but it turns out it's made up of a lot of levels, so it gives you a lot of time to breathe. I like Earn to Die 2's multi-level levels, where you can drive your vehicle quickly through highway overpasses, underground tunnels or factories. So, you'll be able to see that Earn to Die 2 is designed with a lot of awesome maps. The only disturbing part is that the game is full of zombies, so you can't even take a detour to avoid the killings, you have to run through the zombie hordes and then escape. Your car is also upgradeable in Earn to Die 2 and my favorite part is collecting money because I can use this money to upgrade and unlock more than always different vehicles. You will see different effects in different vehicles, I like the ice cream truck if equipped with guns or boosters then the evacuation ship is not far ahead of me.


Earn to Die 2 is one of the most popular action racing games. The first game was Earn to Die, Earn to Die was set in the desert, and in Earn to Die 2 the game is set in the city. The game's background is very layered, with peeling paint on the surface of vehicles, broken Windows, giving the player a sense of escape from the apocalypse. The music in the background of the game is also very exciting, it's rock music makes the player feel very excited. The vehicles used by the player are modified vehicles that make the whole experience of the game feel much better. The game is set in the continental United States at a certain time, where there are so many zombies that the only way for humans to survive is to escape this place. Hero is pursued by a crowd of zombies, so the hero hid in a gas station, players in the garage of the TV that the military's notice, the military inform hero boarding locations in Florida, so the hero draws on a variety of vehicles to survive.

How To Play

The game's maneuverability isn't that hard. In this game, players have two main modes to choose from. The first mode is the story mode that we play. Players can play as the hero of the game. with the help of various vehicles, props, gasoline and so on, they can find various tools to cross the United States and reach the designated boarding point. The other mode is the Mission mode,  which means that the player has to complete various side quests in order to gain new items and rewards before opening new levels. In either mode, the player's main tools are vehicles and gas, so there's a lot of fun to be had in this game, driving as fast as you can and driving as fast as you can in a deserted field. One of the most interesting things about the game is that you can choose which car you like. There are more than ten different cars in the game, and you can unlock different vehicles.



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