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Skyblock - craft your island
Platform :  
Size :   53.7 MB
Date :   Jul 7, 2021
Version :   2.1
Devoloper :   Playstarz Inc.
Tags : Minecraft Simulation

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Editors' Review

Skyblock - craft your island ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Cool game! I feel I can be productive in sandbox games, and this has been proven countless times. But I think, I mean, the game really makes me feel great! It's special, it's relatively new, and a lot of people have come across games like this, but they're actually shocked by it the first time they play Skyblock - Craft Your Island because while it's similar to sandbox games of the same genre in general, it's not entirely consistent with them. I know you don't believe it, but believe me, you should try it out after you've actually downloaded it. The advice I can give you right now is below, so let's get started!

How can I describe the feeling Skyblock - craft Your Island gives me? I think it's hard to describe, because I've also played games in the same genre, and comparing them is not a wise choice. So I want to start by describing what Skyblock - Craft Your Island is about. Skyblock - craft Your Island is different, its map scope is an island, it does not have a vast infinite map area like other games. You're on this island, looking at a lot of blocks, and you don't know what to do with it. You don't have to worry about not being able to do the tasks in the game, because it's a free world and you can do whatever you want. Of course you can't do anything more than that, you can create, you can make, you can even build if you need to. When you first started the game, your level was not high, and a level 1 player had to complete ten missions. Every time you complete a task, you get a reward. If you complete all 10 missions, you will be promoted to Level 2 and receive other latest missions or rewards. When you are truly immersed in Skyblock - craft Your Island, your level becomes level 3.You are now a Skyblock Master, you can choose to fly, and your ground movement will become very fast.

When you hear my description, do you think Skyblock - craft Your Island is similar to what you know about sandbox games, but is it a little different? You're right, because I feel the same way. When playing games in the same genre, I felt my sense of accomplishment increased as I collected resources, completed tasks, and created tools, but the actual abilities of the game character didn't change much. But Skyblock - craft your Island allows you to improve your character's abilities so that you can do difficult things on your phone. You should never underestimate things like flight and movement speed, they are very useful, I mean, they are necessary for you to collect blocks more efficiently. You can see this for yourself at Skyblock-Craft Your Island, which is different from other games. The key thing I would also like to recommend is that the blocks in the Skyblock-craft your Island world have a variety of features. You should not use your past experience to show the game, but rather, you should constantly try it out, or use the help manual to learn the various combinations of blocks. Formulas, which are supposed to reappear over and over in your memory as long as you like, are important to your ability to perform tasks. Sure, the social implications of Skyblock - craft Your Island are ok. You can use Skyblock-craft Your Island to socialize with friends. If you can't find a suitable activity to do during some free time, you can complete the mission and fly on Skyblock - craft Your Island together to enjoy the unique scenery on your phone. I think we can only be happy if we do things together.


SkyBlock-Craft your island is a puzzle game.

The game will create a floating island for you at the beginning. Most of the world is empty. You can build a world that belongs to you.

How To Play

The game began on the island. Your level is level 1 and you have 10 tasks to complete. You will be rewarded for each task you complete,

When all the tasks are completed, you will be promoted to level 2 and will receive new tasks and rewards.

Level 3 You will be granted the privilege of flying and fast.

Starting from Level 3, you can try to explore various resources to achieve your goals.


  • By good game
    i love minecraft SkyBlock
  • By tehjunxian
    i love minecraft,espasily surviving in a minecraft sky block
  • By [email protected]
    i love minecraft,espasily surviving in a minecraft sky block.
  • By Oliver
    I love Minecraft there is so much to explor .
  • By XxsmartcookieXx
    I really love that game it is so much fun
  • By Oreofeoluwa joshua testinmoney
    omg like it!
  • By Laynee
    i love this game
  • By VLAD
  • By dixie
    i like the game
  • By pokiman3
    hey guys i'm pokimane you want to be in the vid

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