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Talking Jimmy Cat
Platform :  
Size :   121.2 M
Date :   Feb 6, 2018
Version :   2.3
Devoloper :   PalmZen,Inc.
Tags : Talking

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Editors' Review

Talking Jimmy Cat ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

The cat is a very noble and sacred animal. Since ancient Egypt, people have chosen to domesticate the cat. Cats have since become one of people's favorite pets. In fact, in every person I see in their daily life, there are also a lot of people like to keep cats, I also like to keep cats, but I gave up. I'm sure you'll be wondering why I gave up cats, but I can honestly say it here, and I don't have to worry about people saying strange things. I had a cat when I was young, but I didn't take good care of it because of my carelessness. So I starved it so thin that it ran away when I opened the door one day, and I never saw it again. So, I miss my cat very much, AND I don't want to fall into such a mistake again, and I don't want to let my pet down again. So although I like cats very much, I do not choose to raise cats myself. Luckily, I downloaded Talking Jimmy Cat, a game that makes me happy. If I can't have a real pet Cat, I can play with my Cat in Talking Jimmy Cat. It is a kind of cat with singing and dancing skills. It will bring me happiness and eliminate my loneliness. I'm really grateful to Talking Jimmy Cat. This game really needs to be talked about.

I find it so easy to be happy in Talking Jimmy Cat that I want to know why. So after two days and nights of thinking about it, I finally got it, so I'm going to summarize it. I attribute my happiness from Talking Jimmy Cat to two things. The first is the richness of the game's offerings. Talking Jimmy Cat is a great interactive game, and I don't think I have any hesitation or doubt about it. Talking Jimmy Cat can do a lot of things. For example, if you want to see him dance, you can click the "dance" button to get Talking Jimmy Cat to do his amazing dance. You can see Talking Jimmy Cat doing a hip-hop dance that fits the current aesthetic. If you're more into classical art, you're less likely to get artistic appreciation in Talking Jimmy Cat's dance routine. But if you like contemporary pop dance, you will find the hip-hop dance it performs is a super cool category, and you will even move to the rhythm as I do. In addition, Talking Jimmy Cat can do magic tricks, which is an amazing acting skill, and you don't have to be surprised if you see it a lot, or I should spoil the surprise if I mention it in this comment. Talking Jimmy Cat must be able to play the piano or do something admirable, including playing beautiful music and cultivating artistic sentiment. I think that's what Talking Jimmy Cat offers us as gamers.

The second reason why I like this game is that I can get the pleasure of interaction in Talking Jimmy Cat. If you just watch the cat perform, you may not get a 100% experience. But if you actually interact with Talking Jimmy Cat, you'll see how the game tricked you. You can touch him in the game, and unsurprisingly, you'll see Talking Jimmy Cat do a lot of funny things that usually make you laugh. You can also explore hidden surprises in the game, and you won't let yourself get bogged down in boredom. I think that's what's interesting about this game, you'll be happy if you can actually spend your time with Talking Jimmy Cat.


Talking Jimmy Cat is a leisure and entertainment mobile game for talking cats. The game screen is mainly in 3D style, focusing on entities. The image of Jimmy Cat in the game is very cute. Players need to buy models for Jimmy Cat and take pictures, dress up and manicures in the game. Players who are interested must not miss it!

How To Play

1. Buy a dress for your virtual pet Jimmy and have it appear on the cover of a famous magazine.

2. Dress up virtual cats in various styles.

3. Make your talking Jimmy look stylish in the superstar salon.

4. Enjoy a nail polish painting game for your virtual pet.

5. Play with Jimmy and be rewarded as a loyal player.

6. In this pet game, you can spin the wheel and collect diamonds and gold coins.

7. Share Jimmy Cat’s magazine cover on social media.



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