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Super Car Driving School 2020
Platform :  
Size :   196.9 M
Date :   Sep 6, 2021
Version :   2.2.2
Devoloper :   Spark Game Studios
Tags : Racing Arcade Drifting

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Editors' Review

Super Car Driving School 2020 ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Do you have a driver's license? Are you of age? If you don't fit either category, do you like driving? There is now a game that will do the most to simulate driving. In the game, you can enjoy driving fun and charm; if you are not interested in what I said, the cool car will arouse your interest? I'm about to show you the game Super Car Driving School 2021, developed by Top Driver Academy Simulator. 

The gameplay and operation are straightforward; for car game enthusiasts, in my trial, the game is very addictive even if I am a person with a driver's license. If you choose high-quality games, you will categorize them. This game is an authentic simulation of a driving game, and you can let yourself in the City Free Ride Bar. The driving feel of the game car is excellent, so players can enjoy driving the game. You are steering the wheel, driving race cars through the city. The game will also have many tests and challenges waiting for the player, enjoying excellent driving fun. Different car driving perspectives are also wholly different; how to adapt to this is to test the players' driving ability; there are many cars for players to choose from, letting you enjoy a richer driving process. In the game, do not take a wrong turn, obey the traffic lights, and always fasten your seat belt. When you start playing this Super Car Driving School 2021, you will become the best driver in the world. Super Car Driving School 2021, the new Car game, lets you drive in a different environment with fantastic sound effects.

It is a highly realistic car driving simulation game. Players can choose their game mode; the game contains a variety of characteristics of adventure. The ultra-physical principle of the driving engine is fascinating, and I highly recommend downloading it. You Won't Regret it—Super Car Driving School 2021 with multiple levels and a unique city. Fun and simple controls will make this classic Super Car Driving School 2021 Driving game the best Driving simulator and multiple Driving controls. By the way, I forgot to tell you, if you are preparing to take a driving test or are studying, please download, be sure to download.

You can drive with yourself and learn the rules of the road! Super Car Driving School 2021 is the latest Driving simulator, which includes many classic cars, like SUVs, etc.

Most of all, Driving School simulator 2021: the new Car game is not simply Super Car Driving School 2021 because you will enjoy driving in the real-world Super Car Driving School 2021.

The whole game is easy to play; using virtual keys can be easy to operate so that all players can master. Incomparably exquisite picture scene and the campus same painting style bring the player the immersive game experience. You do not need to be connected to the internet to come to play, play up is also very leisure and can very well relax. A Real 3D view and multiple camera angles are used to reconstruct the actual driving state of the vehicle. Drift skills in the car in the most exciting, luxury cars beyond the ultimate speed, the physical pace is speedy. In the game, the automobile type may switch unceasingly. The famous car sports car performance is most remarkable, on the highway to the utmost of one's ability to drag. All you must do is aim for the world championship, where the super driver takes the speed to the limit, and the racing attributes are even more robust. Please note that you must ensure that all road rules and regulations are followed, instructions are followed, and the driving school simulator will ensure that you are ready for the actual driving test. 

Please pay close attention to your speedometer and the pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights because this driving test will cover every driving rule. The game covers roundabouts and one-way streets. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you play the game and prepare for your upcoming driving test.

In general, the game scenes are very realistic, have high-quality game graphics, and run smoothly, and the game is smooth. The engine roar is shocking. The game also has a massive ultra-realistic automobile; the game also has included each kind of race car driver, the speed impact feeling unprecedented. Extreme realism of the new dynamic play, perfect nitrogen quickly beyond the opponent, hard drift bar.

All the beautiful exercises of your parking skills will be performed here in the driver's academy competition, where you can experience the excitement and fun of car drifting. Download it now!


Super Car Driving School 2021 is a real-life Driving game that simulates a Driving test. The game is authentic, and the Driving experience is excellent. It affects a real Driving test; enjoy a unique game of fun. The game also prepared a variety of models for players to choose from; the city's road conditions will change at any time, bringing a richer driving game process.

How To Play

There are 4 different classes , which has a total of 25 vehicles. Select the one you want and start learning with us. 30 total levels which covers all of the daily challenges a driver could face. Parking Mode, with 20 levels ranging from easy to hard parking. A Stunts gameplay mode, with many stunt tracks and a high-speed gameplay experience. A very in depth car customization in which you can change almost every body part (Suspension, Spoilers, Cambers, Rims, Paint). Daily rewards so we reward you with shiny stuff everyday. Engine start/stop buttons, wipers, headlights, cruise control, These all car features are at your disposal. Use them wisely.


  • By Lydia McConnell
    thank u for making this game

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